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Pool decks are very customizable. They can be made in any geometric shape and in any color. They can include stamping, borders, and/or medallions!
Q. What colors are available?
A. Most any color that you can think of can be used.
Q. Is concrete reinforced?
A. Concrete is reinforced with wire mesh.
Q. Is concrete sealed?
A. Yes, we seal all exterior concrete.
Q. Will all concrete have lines in it?
A. The lines in concrete are control joints, and all concrete should have them.
Q. Is excavation at the site provided?
A. Yes, we do all our own excavation with a crushed stone subgrade.
Q. How long will the concrete last?
A. As with all concrete products, its life expectancy should be 30 years or more with proper care.
Q. Can we use salt on our concrete?
A. Salt deicers should never be used on concrete.

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